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Co-Curriculum Statement

The co-curriculum programme provided by St. Peter’s is intrinsic to the fulfilment of the aims of the school providing an education where every pupil can fulfil his or her own unique potential – academically, creatively, physically, socially and spiritually.

The co-curriculum programme helps us to provide a broad and balanced curriculum which values academic achievement but also attaches great importance to effort, enthusiasm and enjoyment in all areas of learning and activity.

The co-curriculum programme helps our pupils to develop confidence and self-esteem; giving them responsibility and opportunities to exercise leadership, helping them to develop mature attitudes, and preparing them for further education and their adult lives.

The co-curriculum programme helps our pupils to develop confidence
and self-esteem

The co-curriculum programme allows us to build a strong sense of community in which all feel valued and respected, where each has a contribution to make to our school, local community and the wider world in which we live.

The programme changes each term and is made relevant to the season and activities of each part of the school year.

Where the programme is delivered by St. Peter’s teaching staff it is free of charge. (please note that pupils may need to provide practical items for activities such as cookery)

In line with the aims of the school - where the programme is delivered by additional specialist coaches and instructors, we aim to keep costs to a minimum to enable all pupils to take advantage of the opportunity provided.

See the section in the Parents Hub for details of the latest clubs and activities available.