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EYFS In the Moment Planning

In forthcoming academic  years in Pre-Prep we have decided to put your children at the forefront of their learning. We are changing the timetable in Pre Prep, the assessment we complete, and the Learning Journeys we create with the aim of your children becoming more confident, independent and engaged in their learning.

Why are we changing how we do things?

The Early Years Foundation Stage states:

“Practitioners must consider the individual needs, interests and stage of development for each child in their care, and MUST use this information to plan challenging and enjoyable experiences for each child in all areas of learning and development.” This statement fits perfectly with our way of planning and teaching. We will treat each child as an individual, working alongside Parents to plan and educate your children to allow them to achieve their best.

What is In the Momentplanning?

  • A model that allows child initiated learning through play, based on capturing the interests of the children through personalised learning.
  • Teachers take into consideration the interests of the children to create meaningful educational experiences through providing an enabling environment, using quality interactions and ‘teachable moments’.
  • The core elements for ‘In the Moment’ planning are;
  1. Environment 2. Quality interactions 3. Observation

What are teachable moments’?

Teachable moments are about recognising that young children often learn in a more informal and creative way. Within this style of teaching, we are looking for opportunities to allow learning to take place through child-initiated play alongside providing challenge and open ended questioning when needed.

What will we do?

We will provide an environment and opportunities that stimulate curiosity and challenge thinking. We will observe and listen closely to the children's play. We will work alongside Parents to create environments that will spark the children's interest. We will praise and reinforce positive learning experiences.

How do we record this learning?

Every week, I will select a ‘focus child’. This child will be observed, assessed and planned for to meet his/her needs. Each child is a ‘focus child’ each term, for 1 week. When your child has been chosen you will receive a planning document to fill in with any details you may want to share, e.g. any exciting news, anything happening at home, holidays etc. You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions, and send in photos of your child at home. Please ensure you return these sheets on the date stated, as they are key to documenting your child’s learning and progression. We will then record all observations and photos/videos to use for assessments.

I am looking forward to trying this new way of learning and seeing your child flourish throughout the year. If you have any questions regarding this, or anything else in Pre-Prep, please come and speak to me. Thank you for your continued support,

Mr. Foster.

Head of EYFS