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Staff List


Role Contact

Mrs. S Atherton

Teaching Assistant satherton@stpetersindependent.org.uk

Miss. S Blair

Teacher of Prep 3

Member of Senior Management Team


Ms. E Brunei

Teacher of Geography



Mrs. S Carvell

Teacher of Prep 2 scarvell@stpetersindependent.org.uk

Mrs. J Fenlon

Head Teacher

Teacher of Prep 1

Teacher of R.E

Member of Senior Management Team


Mr. M Foster

Teacher of Nursery and Reception mfoster@stpetersindependent.org.uk

Mrs. A. Fox

Teacher of French and Spanish afox@stpetersindependent.org.uk

Mr. D Gibson

Teacher of Mathematics and Science dgibson@stpetersindependent.org.uk

Mrs. L Harradine

Teaching Assistant lharradine@stpetersindependent.org.uk

Mr. M Johnson

Teacher of Science and Computer Science/ICT

Member of Senior Management Team


Mrs. S Line

Teacher of Music sline@stpetersindependent.org.uk

Miss E. Matejko

Teacher of History and R.E.


Miss. S Mayo

Teacher of Food and Nutrition smayo@stpetersindependent.org.uk

Mrs. M Nottingham

Teacher of Art and Design mnottingham@stpetersindependent.org.uk

Mrs. K Reis

Teacher of Spanish kreis@stpetersindependent.org.uk

Mr. P Skerrett

Teacher of P.E. and PSHE pskerrett@stpetersindependent.org.uk

Mrs. V Stanton

Teaching Assistant vstanyon@stpetersindependent.org.uk

Ms. S Wisdom

Teacher of English and Drama swisdom@stpetersindependent.org.uk

Ms. B Witowska

School Bursar and Administrator bwitowska@stpetersindependent.org.uk