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Testimonials - See what parents' say

This is just a brief snapshot of some of the comments parents have made about St. Peter's


"What I like best about St Peter's Independent School is its small size. Small classes mean every student is a well-known individual, not only to form tutors and subject teachers, but to all teachers and staff as well. No student will go unnoticed, be it for their strengths - which can be enhanced, or their weaknesses - which can be effectively addressed. When you combine it with the extensive experience and dedication of the teachers, staff and management, you can get the individual approach that every student needs. At the same time, the areas that contribute to the quality of the overall education, such as sports, music or performing arts, even cooking skills, are an important part of the school activities, too. Before my son was in a much larger school, and joining St Peter's Independent School has made a very significant difference."
(Son, Year 7)


'Both of my daughters have blossomed since attending St Peter's.  My youngest Daughter was a year behind when she joined the school at the start of the Summer Term, within Twelve weeks

When re-assessed, she was three months ahead of where she should be!!!

My eldest daughter was nervous & timid when she started, she had lost all confidence after being bullied at Primary School, since attending St Peter's she has become a confident and well-rounded young lady, I couldn't be happier, they are both doing so well.  My only regret was not sending them sooner' 
(Daughter Year 4 and daughter Year 8)


“St. Peter's is a lovely little school. It has a great family atmosphere, and instils good values and a straightforward, solid work ethic in the children. The small class sizes mean the teachers know the children well, and the management and staff show a passion and dedication to the school which shines through. The safe, secure environment means my children have been able to relax and discover who they are and where their strengths and weaknesses lie as they have grown up. I strongly recommend the school.”
(Daughter Year 4, Daughter Year 11)


“St Peters Independent School has helpful, dedicated staff that not only listen to the children but take time to listen to the parents as well, which gives our son an understanding and nurturing environment in which to learn”
(Son Year 7)

“St Peters Independent School offers small class sizes, with dedicated teachers and staff.  The school feels more like a small family rather than a school.  Our daughter has attended St Peters for 6 years and she couldn’t be happier.  She has friends in all age groups and it is wonderful to see the older children interact with the younger ones and help them develop. The board of Governors and Trustees are hands on with the operation of the school and the management team now offer a fantastic range of skills that ensure the school is both flexible in its approach to education whilst offering a secure environment for the students.  We think of the school as part of our extended family.”
(Daughter Year 6)


“My Son has been attending St Peter's in the Senior School for 3 months. He was immediately welcomed and valued and has settled in easily. This was a great relief as he had been very unhappy in his previous school. The school has a very caring and familial atmosphere which enabled him to make new friends, feel valued and 'at home'. I would thoroughly recommend St Peters to any prospective parent who values the benefits a small dedicated school can bring to a child's education and life. Since attending St Peter's I have seen his confidence in his learning grow and a burst of enthusiasm for certain subjects which can now be built on.” 

(Son Year 8)